M   I   C   H   A   E   L          A   L   L   E   N          R   I   L   E   Y
A  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  u  r  e  ,    P  L  L  C
We are an architectural firm that provides a full range of design services that include masterplanning, code analysis, 3D virtual renderings and animations, full design services, and more.  Based out of Eastern Oklahoma, we have done projects throughout region.

We do not consider ourselves a firm that designs only one type of building or facility.  Instead, we see design as a unique process of exploring options and potential ideas to solve a problem or need, regardless of what kind of building or facility the project may be.

Some of our current and past projects have included:

* churches
* schools
* municipal buildings
* residential remodel
* new residences
* office building
* retail buildings
* athletic facilities
* parks & recreation

* laboratories
* site selections
* ADA compliance
* youth shelter
* assembly buildings
* animal shelters
* cemetery facilities
* signage design
* restaurants

(Note:  the pins shown above represent multiple projects at each pin location)